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"My first study, which was conducted over the course of an entire school year, looked at how Balancing More than the Mathematics Curriculum, including collaborating with other teachers would influence teachers’ conceptions of mathematics and mathematical learning. 


Would it improve both teacher efficacy and attitude about teaching mathematics?


It also explored how a balanced numeracy structure impacts students’ conceptual and procedural understandings, as well as their personal mathematical connections... "


Dr. Stearns' blogs are well-read and well-appreciated by professionals in all walks of life!
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"We all have strengths and weaknesses and this format has allowed us the time to see others and discuss with colleagues about how to improve as a teacher."

- Theresa. A fifth-grade educator

"I am enjoying being able to get together once per month to discuss math.  We should have done this long ago!  I think it is helpful and motivating.  I enjoy hearing ideas from other grades and colleagues.  I am anxious to get to observe other classrooms doing math activities and lessons."

- Lynn. A second-grade educator

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